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random to do list...

i have some time on my hands at work and have decided to make myself a check-list/to-do list of things i need/want to do/check out in the near/present future (note these are in no particular order...):

-retake bartending class to brush up on skill (thru ABC bartending FREE :D)
     -possibly see if they have any bartending job listings (also FREE :D)
-start grad school applications
     -write personal statement (annoying yet must be done)
     -start asking ppl for letters or at least talking to ppl i want to ask... 
-research virginia tech's MFA for stage management
-play basketball/work-out :p
-make red velvet cake YUM
-work on website design
-hang out w/ppl i haven't seen (ie. truc, cody/anthony, ash g., more of vanessa)...

that should be enough to keep me occupied right?  aside from school (starts next week), work (on/off at the hospital, every weekend from now 'til probably late september at the theatre), and hopefully somewhat of a social life :p.  there's still a bunch of ppl i haven't seen since cris and i got back from our trip :).

SPEAKING of trips...  sigh, i wanna visit calgary, but i'm too broke to.  jem wants me to meet her in vancouver sometime in december, then have us drive to calgary.  i doubt it'll happen, unfortunately though...  probably no trips for me for a while.  especially if i'm to go with cris to japan during her 4th year (which i REALLY want to)...  my stomach's grumbling at the thought of eating my way thru japan... or maybe it's the fact that i haven't eaten since yesterday at lunch... hmm...  i'm looking forward to breakfast w/cris though before she pre-rounds at CAL :).  oooh and it's tuesday which means dollar tacos!... yummmy...  gah... i should stop typing on an empty stomach and probably get back to work. 

go me :p


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